Raise Craze Fundraiser


Complete 50 Acts of Kindness
Raise $1,000


Complete  2,350 Acts of Kindness
Raise $45,000

February 5 - 23, 2024

Fundraising Through Kindness! This webpage will be regularly updated and will function as your go-to place for information about Raise Craze and how it works.

Daily progress can be found here.
Also check our Facebook page for regular updates!

What to Expect:

1.) Students will register for their own website through our school's link - this opens on Monday, February 5. If you have multiple kids at Merton, it'll be easy to toggle back and forth between their accounts.

2.) Input email addresses for family & friends. Raise Craze will NOT share your email addresses with any third parties. Raise Craze will AUTOMATICALLY send the emails on your behalf. Don't forget to post on social media as well!

3.) As a "thank you!" for the contributions to our fundraiser, students are asked to complete Acts of Kindness (AOK) at home, in school, and within our community. Ideas for AOKs will be on our website, or students can get creative and come up with their own! 

4.) Get started with performing AOKs at our Family Service Night on February 9.

5.)  Participate in some friendly competition! There are prize incentives for the Top Earning Students, Students with the most AOKs, as well as Incentives for the classes with the most AOKs and most money raised!

6.) We'll celebrate the success of Raise Craze with a Celebration Ceremony!

Volunteer to Help with Raise Craze!!

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Get in touch with us: fundraising@mertonpto.org



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Curious About Becoming a Sponsor or Donor?  We would love to talk! Email us: fundraising@mertonpto.org